How to Take Care of Dyed Hair

October 02, 2017

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How to Take Care of Dyed Hair

Most women love experimenting with their hair creating different looks like straightening, curling it, dye it, braid it. but doesn't matter if you have long or short hair, exposing it to so many chemicals and heat can damage it and makes it hard to take care for it.

The harsh chemicals of the hair dye weaken the hair, dry it and can also burn it if not used properly. This usually the case when trying to bleach the hair on your own instead of going to a professional.

The best you can do to your hair is to take good care of it before you dye it, that way, your hair will be healthy and strong enough to resist the harsh chemicals.

you are probably thinking: How do I make my hair healthy and strong? 

Homemade hair masks are one of the best options to have a healthy,  strong and shiny hair; the best of all you can make them with ingredients that you already have in your house.

serums and oils are a great alternative to hydrate the hair and scalp
avoid long hours exposure to the sun
avoid overusing the curly iron or flat iron
avoid hair products with alcohol in them: spray, gels, mouse

This is some tips that we should follow even if we don't dye our hair but what about if I already dyed my hair how do I take care of it?

Don't dye it too frequently: if you dye your hair frequently the chemicals of the dye can damage or burn the hair, remember most dyes have ammonia in them and this is a very aggressive chemical. The idea is to wait at least 2 months to dye your hair again.

Hydrate: hydrate your hair, the dye causes the hair to dry which will make it look damaged. This time all dyed hair products will be your best friend. This product will provide the correct amount of hydration your hair needs.
shampoos, creams, serums, conditioner, hair masks they will all be your new best friend.

Protection:  protect your hair from chlorine, if you go to a pool it is better if you wear a swimming hat. if you go to the beach, wear a hat to protect it from the sun. Chlorine and the sun will make the color of your hair go faster.

Avoid heat: avoid using a flat iron or a curly iron. The heat will damage the hair weakens the hair causing split ends, and the color won't last long.

Go to a professional: I know when it comes to dyeing the hair could be pretty easy to just do at home. But it is better to spend a little more by going to a professional, especially if you thinking about bleaching the hair. A professional will know how to do it, won't burn your hair and will give you the proper treatment.

Be careful while brushing: if you feel like your hair is all tangled and stiff. brush it gently otherwise, you will end up pulling all your hair out. Remember to start brushing from the ends slowly working your way up.

Don't over wash it: we already know is not good t wash your hair every single day, if you have dyed hair the rule still applies, over washing your hair will make the color go faster, especially if you're using hot water.  wash it every other day and use cold water instead.

Doesn't matter which color you choose to have: blonde, grey, pink, blue, orange, green, brown etc. As long as you keep your hair hydrated and take good care of it following this tips you will have a beautiful hair and radiant color. 

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