How to make essential oils at home in 6 easy steps

April 03, 2017

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 Make essential oils at home in 6 easy steps

Essential oils are a concentrated liquid that contains the aroma of a specific plant. It’s called essential because contains the essence or fragrance of the plant from which it was extracted. And who doesn’t like essential oils right? 

The great deal about essential oils is they are not use or meant to be use just as a nice fragrance, they have lots of benefits for our health for example: 

  • They can be use on the skin for a relaxing massage or even to help reduce pain, swelling, bruises and muscular contractures. Eucalyptus and mint are the most common.
  • They can be use in the bathtub for a relaxing bath.
  • They can be use on the temples of your head to help reduce headaches.
  • They can be use as a mosquito repellent.
  • Help reduce anxiety.
  • They can be use on cosmetics like body butters, limp balms, body or lip scrubs.
  • Some can be use in foods to help digestion.

There are plenty of uses of essential oils, and lots of different oils too but the one issue about then is that they can be expensive or hard to find. But. 

Did you know you can make them at home? 

It’s actually really easy and most of the things you need you already have them at home:

  1. Bottle water
  2. A cooking pot  
  3. Glass jar with a lid
  4. Dark glass container
  5. Olive oil (any other odourless oil)
  6. The plant from which you will extract the oil

Step1: if you are making the essential oil from a flower like a rose take all the petals of the flower. Important: all the plants that you use most be fresh.

Step2: in a cooking pot put some water in, and put it on the stove in a medium temperature until it boils.

Step 3: while the water boils, in a glass jar fill it with the oils of your choice (olive oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil etc.) and put in the petals or the leaves of the plant, don’t forget to brake them in small pieces, this will help them loose their essence.  And close the jar.

Step 4: once your water is boiling turn of the flame, and put the jar inside the cooking pot, and leave it there until the water gets completely cold. Make sure the water covers the jar completely.

Step5: now that your water is cold take the jar out and put it near a sunny window, leave it there for a couple of days. This will help the plant to loosen even more its essence and the oil will have a stronger smell. I leave mine on a sunny window for 7 days. 

Step 6: now that you oil is ready with the help of a strainer pure out the oil in to a dark glass container, the strainer will prevent the plant to move to the container so you can have a clean oil.

And your oil is ready!! ……. store your jar in a dark place. 

I have already made 2 essential oils: rose oil and Jamaica oil, using this method, and worked perfectly both times.
One thing you must have in mind when you do them is that the result product its always going to be less than the amount of product you use to make them.

Making a essential oil as you can see it’s so easy and totally worth it... 

If you try them at home don’t forget to share it with me on the comments below and
What is your favourite essential oil? Mine is peppermint

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