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February 12, 2017

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On Today´s post I want to talk about this new makeup product I just got at Sephora, it’s a duo compact: highlighter and blush.

It’s from Becca cosmetics but it is also a collaboration with a you tuber one of my favourites to be honest: Jaclyn Hill.

It came out last year, ever since I found out about it a have been wanting to get my hands on it but for some reason I couldn’t until now. I usually don’t use highlighters, but, this one it’s so beautiful I think I’m in love with it!!

You can get the highlighter by its self or as a duo with a blush, like the one I got and I’ll show you down below.

This product it’s the beautiful champagne pop; champagne splits in the colours: champagne pop / Hyacinth.

The packaging it’s pretty comes in a golden box. At front has the name of the brand which is Becca and has the name of Jaclyn below the brand and the name of the product itself. In the back of it has a small picture of Jaclyn, her signature, and a little description of the product.

The compact comes in the traditional Becca cosmetics package and when you open it you find this gorgeous duo powders in the most amazing colours ever.  

The highlighter has a rose gold tone and the blush is a very strong vibrant pink.

Both are very pigmented so a little goes a long way, specially the blush. Their consistency is like any other compact powder, when you apply it to the skin and blend them, they blend so beautiful almost like a cream or liquid product.

no light

under sunlight 

It is my first time buying a Becca cosmetic product and honestly, I am really happy with it; I was a little a afraid that the colours won’t look good on my skin tone, because, I have only seen them on very fair skin girls, but, because the highlighter has a rose and gold tone on it looks really pretty on me and I think it does looks amazing on any skin colour.

I’m not sure if this is a limited-edition product, but, despite the price I think It has a very good quality and its totally worth your money.

Have you try this highlighter before? 


  1. I love the compact! I would feel classy just having that in my purse. :-)

  2. Those colors are beautiful and compliment each other well. They stand out next to each other without being to much.


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