Dry clean Makeup Brush

October 08, 2016

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Dry clean your Makeup Brushes 

Hi! Today’s post its going to be small and not exactly a D.I.Y. but more of a tip or an alternative.

Browsing through the Ethernet I came across this new product for dry cleaning the makeup brushes but it costs 20 dollars and in my country that will be 400 Mexican pesos. So expensive!

As it caught my attention I look a little bit more and found some videos of other people suggesting cheap alternatives with stuff that we already have in the house, so I choose 3 of them to share with you in case you are not familiar to them.

This idea of dry makeup brush cleaning is just an alternative to be able to use the same brush for different colours of eyeshadows or pigments, but doesn’t work for cream or liquid products.

1.- microfiber cloth: It is really economic and you can find them in any store they even come in packages of 2 or 3 they are used for cleaning the house. This are smooth and soft cloths that doesn’t have any fluff. 

This cloth trap or absorb all the dust or in this case pigment left in the brush making it possible to use it for another colour without mixing it. 

2.-hair donut: this little donut that we use for a suck bun it is made of a plastic ned that is soft and this texture makes it easy for the brush to dust off the pigment in it when you do it in circular motions over the donut.

3.- synthetic sponge: it is the typical sponge used for cleaning the dishes. The same as the hair donut its texture helps the brush dust off the pigments and doesn’t damage the brush and it’s easier to clean.

I have a fourth option, I didn’t really find any videos mentioning it but since I had it at home I decided to give it a try and worked perfectly.

4.- Polypropylene cloth or disposable cloth: You know that little piece of cloth that comes with your computer to protect the screen when you buy it, that’s disposable cloth and you can also buy the fabric. This cloth works as well as the microfiber one it really cleans off the brush but the down side isthat even is washable won´t last as longer as the others.

To keep any of this in a safe place you can keep it in a plastic or metallic container with a lid that way will be safe and clean .

Now here is a video showing you how all these options work:

As I say in the beginning it isn’t a D.I.Y. is an alternative and doesn’t substitutes the fact that we need to deep clean our makeup brushes.

Hope this little tip its helpful and don’t forget to leave me in the comments if you already used this or what do you use for dry cleaning your makeup brushes.


  1. Excelente artículo, siempre me hago un lío a la hora de limpiar mis brochas

  2. Las mías las limpio con la Brushegg, pero me ha venido genial saber este truco. Gracias por compartirlo!
    Un beso

  3. Un post muy interesante por que no sabía como limpiar las brochas que tengo!
    Un saludo!

  4. Que buen truco la verdad no sabia limpiarlas en seco pero me ha encantado, besos

  5. Que bien explicado está este post. Me ha parecido muy didáctico, con las fotos y la descripción de que podemos usar para limpiarlas. Gracias

  6. Anda pero que original para limpiar las brochas, no se me habría ocurrido, pues lo voy a probar, me ha encantado, ya te contaré :D

    Un besito

  7. Siempre hay que buscar alternativas¡¡ genial

  8. ¡Hola! Pues la verdad es que no tenía ni idea que se podían limpiar las brochas así y creo que para las de polvos sueltos y coloretes son unas buenas alternativas. Para las de sombras creo que es mejor lavarlas directamente con agua y jabón. Me ha parecido un post súper útil. Un saludo.

  9. Qué buenas ideas! La verdad que cuando las he lavado he usado mi brushegg pero está bien saberlo!

  10. Hola que buen post, muy útil la info. No sabia hacerlo así. Lo probaré. Gracias por compartir ;-)

  11. Soy malíiiisima limpiando brochas (tanto que al final las acabo tirando sin limpiarlas porque las acabo estropeando), así que probaré lo que nos comentas. Además esta muy bien explicado :)

    ¡Un beso y gracias por el tutorial!

  12. Nunca se me hubiera ocurrido limpiar las brochas en seco y si te digo la verdad por mucho que a veces me de pereza me quedo con el método tradicional, creo que es más higiénico o al menos a mí me da esa sensación. Muaks

  13. Yo siempre he limpiado las brochas en húmedo, pero qué idea tan genial en seco! Además te ahorra mucho tiempo no? Lo probaré porque lo explicas genial
    Un beso

  14. This seems like a lot of work for getting your brushes cleaned. I hope its worth the $20 pesos. Usually I would just warm some water, put a little shampoo in it and my brushes are good to go!



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