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Do you know what hormone imbalance is?

Today on the blog we are going to talk about an issue that is common among women and some men too, it is also the responsible for some health problems and most of the time we never even consider this as an issue.

Hormone disorder is produced when one of the two female hormones estrogen and progesterone rises its levels while the other one stays the same. this can happen to women of all ages. keep in mind that for older woman 40+ this imbalance is totally normal as they can be entering menopause.

Us woman start our first menstrual period  at the ages between 11-15, at that moment our body suffer a serious of changes, that in words of our mothers and grandmothers " we stop being a child to became a woman"

what causes a hormone imbalance?

A hormone imbalance can be caused by different factors like:
benign tumors on the walls of the uterus
irregular periods (let's consider that if you are young and just starting having a period, it's totally normal to have irregular periods as your body is adjusting to this new change)
cysts in the ovaries
endometriosis ( a disorder in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it instead of inside)
overuse of birth control pills without medical supervision

This is just some of the possible causes or a hormone imbalance, is not always the case sometimes it can be caused by a treatment or medication a person is taken or sometimes just happens without a reason.

what are the symptoms?

The symptoms can vary as each person is different, so  not everyone will show the exact same symptoms but the most commons are:

too much sweat at night
feeling too much hot even if it is cold outside
vaginal dryness
intense painful menstrual cramps
drastic mood changes
hair loss
weight gain
very tired
lots of acne on face, chest, and back

How do I know if I have a hormone disorder?

the only exact way to know is ´ a blood test named hormone profile test. this particular test will study the behavior of your hormones especially the ones working around the ovaries, unfortunately, most doctors only ask for this test when they see or feel the presence of a tumor or cysts

When can I ask for a hormone profile test?

Lest start by clearing up that the best way to prevent anything is by going at least once a year to the doctor or a gynecologist to have a checkup.

If you think you need this test or believe you have a hormone disorder lest start by considering the following questions:  what are my symptoms? are they more than one? how often do I have them? have a try a medication for that specific symptom? did I get better?  consider this question and go to your doctor or gynecologist, talk to him/her  about it and she will decide if you need this test  or not
 another thing to keep in mind doesn't freak out, just because you have one of the symptoms mentioned above means you have a hormone imbalance; if you have acne and cramps once  its probably due to something else like stress.

If you are a teenager and have acne, also its totally normal to have it your body is changing give it time.

My experience:

5 years ago I was diagnosed with a 10 cm cyst in my ovaries and had to have surgery to remove the cyst and my ovary. before that had a couple of years with severe menstrual cramps every month, but never wanted to go to the gynecologist so I took a pill.
Until one time the pain didn't stop with the pill, I was swollen and my period was over and I was still in pain so I decided to finally go to a doctor and they found the cyst.
I'm pretty sure that if I had decided to go sooner probably could 've avoided the surgery, as a women, we experiment so many changes in our body, only we now our body and when something can be wrong with us.
That's why is so important to go see a doctor as soon as we detect something unusual especially if happens more than once, and not let too much time pass.

When it comes to our health we need to be more conscious about it, stop complaining if it is too expensive and especially stop risking it by trying home remedies or something that a friend recommends.


Busy Loving Life said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I am very health conscience now as I have had issues of my own.


I had an awful time with hormone imbalance after using the Deplavara shot. It was awful! Thanks for the information, Hormone imbalances can cause a lot of issues.

Mom Knows Best said...

I just had blood work done so I know that my thyroid is fine. I sure hope the hormones are too.

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

This is really interesting to read - I need to go and have some more bloods done soon so I might try and see if they can check on this for me as well as you never know.

ArielleDeltoro said...

Wow, this is totally new information to me! It's not something that affects me at this point, but it's good to keep it in mind

Sela said...

This is a very interesting read. Your information was very informative.

Nilyn_ECM said...

Hormonal imbalance is among the main causes of infertility. It isn't sometime that we should neglect. It also causes irregular period so it's important that people are informed about it. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie | Clean Eating Kitchen said...

Such a great article with so much great information. This isn't talked about nearly enough and is often hard to get diagnosed.

Tanvi Rastogi said...

Thats a great post with some good information. I had no idea. Thank you for sharing.

❥ tanvii.com

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