A Beginner´s Guide to Getting Fit


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A beginner’s guide to getting fit

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog, todays post I’m starting a new section on the blog, as you can see from the tittle it’s a fitness section and this very first post it’s a beginner’s guide to getting fit.
Now it’s not going to be another post where I tell you 5 different routines to do with push ups and sit ups and m not telling you what do you have to eat. This post its focused on some advices of what you can do if your thinking about making this huge decision on having a healthier life.

If you are thinking about changing your life style to make it healthier, start eating more vegetable and fruits and less fast-food, start doing exercise again or for the first time in your life the very first thing you need to do.

Decide a goal: you need to decide what is it that you want to achieve by making this change in your life do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to improve your physical condition?  Or maybe you only want to have a healthy life.
You need to ask yourself this question and decide your specific goal, it can be more than one and you can make a list and achieve one goal at a time.

Once you have decided on your goal or goals, the second thing you need to decide is

Where and how you want to do it: do you prefer to do in it at home spending 30 minutes each day in the morning before all your activities may be go outside to a park in your back yard, maybe you are a gym person or maybe you want to enrol yourself on a specific activity like yoga or CrossFit or Pilates. When you decided this, you must make sure you feel comfortable when your exercising otherwise you will end up dropping out and make sure it fits your needs don’t feel pressure because your friends go to the gym and you don’t.  

Take progress photos: a great way to motivate your self is by taking progress photos, this are pictures you will take of your body to see how it’s changing through all the process. One thing you need to have in mind is that the progress its different in every person and sometimes we may don’t see a different in each month but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel the difference.

You may look at your body and say it looks the same as the last month but you don’t feel the same as las month you probably feel with more energy, maybe your articulations don’t hurt anymore, you are in a better mood you can do more push ups or more squats, you no longer get sore.
I think it’s better if you take picture of your progress every two months to see a good progress. But also, don’t stress out on it. Just keep going as long as you feel good.

This next tip can be a little silly for some but I do believe it can be motivational

Get nice workout cloths: you don’t need expensive clothes or shoes to work out, but wearing nice cloths that you like in fun colours does motivates you to get up and work out.
The next advice is one of the most important ones, whether you are not ready to commit to a specific routine every day or you already found a routine you want to do, you have to prepare your body for the work out. 

Below I’m going to show you simple exercises that will help you warm up for your routine. But if you are not committed to a routine yet you can do this exercises that will also prepare your body for when you are ready to do a complete workout routine.

Change your eating habits: healthy life is just not about working out, it’s also about eating clean;
more fruits and vegetables, drinks lots of water, that’s the only way you will see changes and not just on your body but also changes on how you feel every day.
This can be the hardest changes you make; don’t stress out if one they you ate a slice of pizza or drank a cup of soda. Go one step at a time, make small changes try incorporating more vegetables on your meals, try eating fast food just once a week, try eating fruit instead of chips or chocolate.  Don’t cut it off all at once it can be really hard, go small, one step at a time.

This are all the tips I have for you if you have made the decision on start getting fit, im not a expert im only sharing with you what I have done myself and told my students to do and they have worked I have seen positive results and I just wanted to share them with all of you.

Let me know it the comments below what more fitness post would you like to read on the blog. 


heidi williams said...

You are so on point. You can't just exercise or just eat well it goes together. When I was in my 30s I lost 70 pounds and found then that strength training works best for me. I think that's a point too, finding what works for you.

Unknown said...

These are great tips! I need them to motivate me to start a workout program!

Aireona Raschke said...

These are some good tips for motivation! I think finding a form of exercise that you really enjoy is super helpful!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I'm working on eating healthier. But I do love my junk food. It's why I strive to hit 10,000 steps each day.

Tiffany Meiter said...

Great tips! I really like how you mention that its important to pay attention to more about how you feel over and not just the physical changes.

Sondra Barker said...

I think changing your eating habits can end up being the hardest part of the process.

The Crocheting Mom said...

I wish I took progress photos when I started my journey. I lost 30 lbs in about 4 months and would've loved to see the actual progress pictures. Great tips!

Chell Bee said...

Having a workout goal is so important to getting and staying motivated with your workout habit. Diet is so important to meeting your workout goals especially if your working on your mid section. I def need to get back to a exercise routine

Shawna said...

I agree extremely with making sure that you start out with a goal. One that means something to you. That was the only thing, I feel like, kept me on track when I decided to change my lifestyle to one that was healthier. Taking pictures is also great. Especially if you are like me, whom can look in the mirror and not always physically see the changes I know I have made. Looking back at pictures helps me see/feel some accomplishment.

dee said...

for me its juststarting, once im working out for 21 days it becomes part of my routine

Nallely Tapia said...

i really hope this guide motivates you t start your workout!!!

Nallely Tapia said...

try eating just eating junk food one day a week !! we deserve a free day

Katriza Luna said...

LOL this is exactly what I needed to read! I'm so horrible at taking care of myself and being fit! Definitely going to use these tips!

Krysti Jaims said...

Love all of these tips! Perfect to read at the beginning of the week, very motivating!

Krysti Jaims said...

Love all of these tips! Perfect to read at the beginning of the week, very motivating!

Angie Church said...

thank you for sharing changing ones life to get fit takes a bit of time but when you are on the journey one wonders how they ever did anything else any way that is how it is going for me and hubby
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Pammy said...

Great helpful tips you've shared and I am definitely sharing your post!

Pammy - joyfulsource.com

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