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Hello everyone, hope you all had a great holiday, may your year started full of new amazing resolutions and positive vibes.

After a couple of busy days at work, I finally have the chance to sit-down and write a new post for you, although it’s a short one, but I hope you guys like it.

Today´s post its about my review or impressions on the Diva´s Lashes mascara from Pupa Milano.

Honestly, I really love this makeup brand specially their eyeliners because there the only ones I can use that would not irritate my eyes.

 I have no idea why, but apparently, pupa eyeliners are the only ones I can use on my waterline without making my eyes red and watery.

This post its all about the Diva´s Lashes mascara, and it is my very first time using it.
Comes in a red packaging, it’s a very skinny and on the packaging, says the name of the mascara and says that gives high definition and maxi volume and it is extra black!!

The brush or wand it’s just a regular mascara wand to me it’s the perfect size not too big not too small, it allows me to use it on both my top and lower lashes.

Before I talk about my impressions on the mascara I want to tell you guys I got this specific mascara at Costco at an amazing prize.

I found a 2-mascara package for about 20 dollars!! Crazy, right? Here in my country only 1 mascara of this brand costs 20 dollars and sometimes even more. I saw it and I knew I must buy it . well moving on to the post.

As I thought, because I’ve used other mascaras from this brand before; it is light like you don’t feel you have mascara on, doesn’t leave any lumps on. It does say extra black but to be honest I don’t see a difference on the colour comparing it to other brands, to me it’s just black.

It doesn’t leave the lashes tick and heavy , eve I use like 3 or 4 layers of mascara ( I know too many ) doesn’t make my lashes  stick together, the brush does help to keep a natural soft look.

With Mascara

No Mascara

On the pictures above I didn’t curl my lashes just because I wanted to really appreciated the results of it and well to me it doesn’t really do what it says.

I don’t feel or see any extra volume or definition on my lashes, I mean, you do see a difference between both pictures the one with mascara on and the one without the mascara.  
But the result is very natural looking to me.

If you like some voluminous and extra-long lashes then this mascara isn’t for you, because it’s not going to make your lashes look bigger or fuller.

If You are like me and  prefer a more natural look but still looking like you are wearing makeup. Then this mascara it´s perfect for you.

Even though it doesn’t do what it promises, I am using it and I will recommend the mascara but specially the brand for all those of you who have sensitive eyes like me. 
Sometimes with some brands, when I apply my mascara I feel that my eyes burn a little and they turned red.  I don’t know why it happens,but with the pupa one I didn’t feel anything at all. So, it’s great for sensitive eyes.


Don’t forget to leave your opinions on the comments down below I do enjoy reading them. I´ll see you all in the next post!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

Costco has great deals. I can definitely see a difference with your lashes when you wear the mascara.

Isaly Holland said...

I can definitely see a difference with the mascara. I haven't used this product before but I will be adding it to my list.

Nallely Tapia said...

I KNOW!! i really love costco i can always find great things there

Claire Talks Beauty said...

Such a great deal! I really love the result!


Sandra A. said...

Your pupa mascara review is really awesome. Thanks to share this beautiful pupa Mascara review. It's really helpful for eye makeups. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life. I love to use this pupa mascara for my eye and my favorite Liquid Matte Lipsticks for my lip.

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