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We´ve all heard about the famous detox diets that most artist use them to lose weight and they consist on only drinking juice for a week or two. This die promises to not only detoxify your body by getting read of all the toxins but also to help you lose weight fast, but.  Do they really work?
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This strict diets, they do help your body get read of everything that won’t use while cleaning your intestines but at the very same time, it will slow your metabolism making you gain weight.

Why this happens?

Since you are not eating enough, your body doesn’t have nutrients, carbohydrates... and everything that need to help you do all your activities through the day; causing your metabolism to work at a lower speed that it usually does, to help your body keep the food as a something extra in case you decide not to feed your body again.

When you start eating again, your body keeps preserving all this food he is getting just in case of an emergency (like you decide to live out of juice again), and that causes you to gain weight.

How can I detoxify my body without my metabolism?

Detoxifying your body is nothing more than getting read of all toxins that have been accumulating through the years…

You can help your body do this process easily without starving yourself by doing the following tips:

. Eat more fruits and vegetables: remember to eat at least 5 portions of different fruits and vegetables through the day and eat less fried foods and junk food.

. Drink more water: it is recommended to drink at least 2 litters of water a day, but, it will vary on your daily activities. If you exercise you need to drink more than 2 litters.

If you don’t like drinking water, try putting in it some fruit to make it more refreshing and delicious.

. You can add to your daily diet some detox juices in the morning as a breakfast2 or 3 times a week like the green smoothie that is made of: pineapple, parsley, grapefruit, orange, and celery. But eat as you usually would through the day.

I usually drink this smoothie 2 times a week, especially when I have been eating lots of junk food, and feel bloated.  

.Be active: unbelievably, exercising is the best way to detoxify your body, because, when you exercise you sweat, and trough the sweat toxins are released.

I really don’t like or trust this diets that makes you drink or eat only one thing for 5 or 7 days. I do believe the best way to help our body be ¨free¨ of toxins I trough a healthy and balance diet combined with exercise.

How do you detox yourself?


  1. Detoxes and fasting are all the rage at the moment. I know someone who fasts for 40 days at a time. She looks amazing for her age but it is waaay too extreme for me. Your version is much more manageable!

    1. 40 days? Wow thats extreme!! I believe it's much better to eat healthy than just eating clean for a couple of days then go back to your normal habits

  2. I don't know if I can actually detox completely. I do know, however, that when I choose more whole foods and limit my caffeine, my body produces some amazing energy on it's own!

  3. I think it's always important to eat foods as close to the way they were created as possible. I've heard it said that if your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it, reconsider eating it. :-)

    1. Never heard that before, but you are so right we shoul eat more natural food

  4. I love Susan's answer. I honestly am not for cleanses and detoxes. I do realize it does have health benefits but seems unnecessary to me if you have alot of green in your diet.

    1. I agree with you! Is not about starving your self; its about eating healthier

  5. I've been drinking water as a form of detoxing, but I've been wanting to try more green smoothies and the like. I can't wait to try your version! x

    1. Its really delicious!!! Please let me know when you try it


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