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Peel-off Mask

Hello everyone, today´s post it’s the last one of the year, and, I wanted to close with a very popular trend on youtube: the activated charcoal peel off mask.

If you have seen in, this mask is made with glue and activated charcoal. People claim this works perfectly and it’s an excellent black head and white head remover.

Activated charcoal can be bought at any drugstore or pharmacy, and has many health benefits and helps to deep clean the skin. It is safe to use.

However, the glue it’s something that should not be use as a cosmetic product, even though its non-toxic, wasn’t made to be use on the skin and it can irritate the skin or even burn it.

Doesn’t matter how many people say it’s safe to use and works, don’t do it! Don’t use glue as a face mask

If you really want to try a peel-off activated charcoal mask I have a better alternative for you.

What you need:

  • Milk (preferably almond or coconut milk)
  • Non-sugar gelatine
  • Activated charcoal 

The gelatine will work as a base of the mask to make it a peel-off

Preparation: mix the warm milk with the gelatine until its completely dissolve, add the charcoal and mix it well. The amount of charcoal you´ll ad will vary according on how much product you are making for example: I only use 1 capsule because I only use the mask on my nose.

Once all the ingredients are mixed, wait for it to cool so you don’t burn your face but don’t wait too long you would want to apply the mask before it gets sticky.

Apply the mask with a brush and let it dry completely.

Once its dry, try peeling the ends of the mask first then peel it all off at once (as you would do it if you were waxing) if you do have black heads you´ll see them.   

It really works, leaves the skin soft and removes all the black heads, I suggest to only use this mask on the nose and the T zone because it does hurts a little when you peel it off.

If you don’t have black heads or oily skin, I don’t recommend you to do this mask because it can irritate your skin, since has nothing to remove.
But you do use the mask use it only 1 or 3 times a month, remember overusing a product can also damage your skin.

Have you try the activated charcoal peel-off mask? 

Please don’t forget to share on the comment your experience if you try the mask.

Since it’s the last post of the year, I want to wish you all a happy new year hope 2017 comes with lots of great things for all of you and thank you so much for all the support through the year.


  1. Wow que buen dato! no sabía que esta mascarilla se podía hacer en la casa. Muchas gracias por el datooo!

  2. Admito que siempre me da cosa usar alimentos y cosas que teemos en casa para las mascarillas y que siempre prefiero los productos de tienda, pero mira, tu caso rompe la regla... Me ha gustado mucho, veo que es muy eficaz y ahora mismo me lo paso a mi cuaderno :) Muchas gracias!! Un gran aporte! BSS

  3. La verdad es que yo había visto este truco pero con el pegamento que tú señalas y la verdad no me atreví, pero probaré como lo haces tú.Yo suelo utilizar arcilla roja, tengo la piel sensible y es la más indicada.También utilicé un par de veces una mascarilla negra que venden en avon, pero me reseca demasiado la piel.gracias por el consejo.un beso

  4. Vaya!!! todavía no me he atrevido!!! Pero lo explicas muy bien. Tomo nota! Felices fiestas desde www.chicnotebook.com

  5. That's really interesting, I love do it yourself beauty products. There are so many skincare options right in your home that are so much better for your skin. You're detailed instructions make it look easy, really enjoyed your post.

  6. Hola! Aunque sea muy conocido, yo por mi parte sabia muuuuy poco de este tipo de mascarilla. Y no se si me hubiera animado a probarla sin leer tu post jaja mi piel es super grasa y tengo miles de puntitos negros. Asi que me va a venir de diez.
    Gracias por la entrada!

  7. Tengo una mascarilla de carbón sin usar, pero creo que no va a quedar con efecto peel off. Tengo que disolver "tabletas" en agua, por lo que creo que quedará una masa, a ver si le puedo dar un toque para que me quede como esta...Bss.

  8. Donde se puede conseguir el carbón activado? Yo me compre hace poco una mascarilla pero no me saca nada de nada :( decepción mil

    Había escuchado lo de la grenetina con leche, pero no con el carbón :o lo trataré de conseguir y a ver que tal me va.


    1. hola, yo lo consegui en una tienda de productos naturistas, pero en las farmacias tambien lo venden

  9. La verdad, no me atrevería con esta mascarilla de momento...no obstante el que desee probarla, no me opongo jajajaa
    Gracias por compartir este post.

  10. I have never tried carcoal facial products and would certainly give it a try to remove all my nasty black heads.

  11. I have been reading a lot about Activated charcoal and all of its benefits. I am going to try this mask for sure. Thanks for sharing your recipe

  12. Charcoal seems to be such a popular choice of beauty products at the moment. I've heard great things about its properties and I would love to try this mask!

  13. Great blog posts! I have never tried the charcoal mask but it looks like it does the trick to keep your face clear.

  14. I'm probably never going to do this, it just isn't my thing. However, I think this is a great post and I definitely will share it with a few people. I also think that it is great that you took the time to write the whole post in two languages. That is amazing!

  15. I've heard of these before. I know they help, but they aren't for me. I'd rather just stick to creams.

  16. I love peel off masks!! It makes me feel like I've got an entirely new skin!

  17. This is really interesting, I will try this masks, it seems great!

  18. Very interesting facial mask DIY. I'm also a fan of activated charcoal beauty products, and I have a mask that works good on me, and also affordable :)

  19. good thing that there are now charcoal alternatives to make up products, interesting to know this is actully very good too.

  20. i saw many people try this mask! i have some activated charcoals and this sounds like a great diy mask to try!

  21. l love trying new beauty products and this mask looks like it does a great job!

  22. Thanks for this alternative! I've been curious about those charcoal activated masks, but I didn't know they use glue!!

  23. Wow. Never tried activated charcoal before, will love to!

    Ash || www.ashleyesema.com


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