5 Remedies for stretch marks


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5 Remedies to treat stretch marks

Stretch marks are marks on the skin in the form of white or purple sinuous lines that appear on the skin which occurs when the skin has been stretches fast as when fatten, in pregnancy, in men usually happens when they increase their muscle mass and then they lose it and in women usually occurs when we develop.

These marks usually appear on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, breasts, thighs, back, legs, arms.

These marks are completely normal and we all have them, but for some people this lines can be annoying. There are many home remedies that claim to completely eliminate stretch marks.

Personally I have tried some of them and I will share them with you, remember that stretch marks are scars and these cannot be completely eliminated, with home remedies, but they can help reduce them visibly

Exfoliate: A simple exfoliation makes all the difference because it removes dead cells from our skin, for a natural scrub just mixes a little sugar with almond oil and a few drops of lemon. 
Rub on the skin for 10 minutes making circular movements.  
 Do it once a week for one month and you will begin to notice the difference.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera contains nutrients and healing properties that helps with the healing process. Can be natural (extract directly from the plant) or gel form bought at the pharmacy; all you have to do is put some of this on stretch marks and it does not require rinsing. 
It can be applied daily two to three times daily. It takes at least 1 month to start seeing the results.
Personally this remedy is my favourite, it worked perfectly to reduce the scar of my surgery.

Cocoa butter: This remedy is very common and known especially recommend for pregnant women to prevent leaving stretch marks, you can get it in a cream or ointment in pharmacies, but you can also get it natural and to keep solid if you live in a hot place you can mix it with a little beeswax, coconut oil or sweet almond oil, melt over low heat until all ingredients are mixed and bottle it. You can apply it every day even 2 times a day.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is perfect for massaging and their properties help the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, massage the area with a little oil making circular movements.

Egg whites: Egg whites contain proteins and amino acids that help fight scars. Mix 1 or 2 egg whites (depends on how big is the treatment area) cover the area with it using a makeup brush. 
Remember to clean the area well before. Leave it until completely dry and rinse with water. Use it 1 or 2 times a week.

All these remedies require perseverance and take approximately one to two months to start noticing the changes.

It is not always possible to prevent leaving stretch marks, but when we are pregnant or want to lose weight you can use these remedies to help prevent them, or when they are just starting to show up these remedies will prevent them to be more noticeable.

Remember that having scars is nothing to be ashamed of, all women and men have them and are completely normal and are part of our growth and development.

They cannot be completely eliminated unless you have surgery or laser treatment to remove them, but we can make them less visible.

I hope these tips on how to treat stretch marks can be of help to you and please do not forget to share with me in the comments what remedies you use to fight stretch marks.

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  1. As mom of 2 kids these tips are super helpful. Thanks for posting.


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