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REVIEW wax ready strips

Hello everyone in this week’s post I decided to write a review about the Nair wax ready strips that I try out a couple months ago.

When I first started this blog one of my first post was a D.I.Y on sugar wax or sugaring which is like my favourite method, I have been using it for a long time. 
But sometimes when I’m traveling or have a lot of work I don’t really have to time to cook the wax, and for some shaving it’s not really a good option even if it’s the easiest and fastest of all the options.

Buying wax that has to be melted on the microwave, at least for me it means a total mess and too much work to keep it warm and the creams most of them don’t really work at all they don’t remove the all hair plus they have a really bad smell.

So on my last trip I needed a new epilating option because I couldn’t take the time to cook the sugar so I went to the store and decided to buy and try the wax ready strips that are supposed to be kind of like ¨cold¨ wax, I have read bad comments about them but I decided to try them anyway.

I bought this one that are for sensitive skin with camomile, the package comes with 20 double strips, so in total are 40 trips in one size. 

They are effective in short hair and that the results last up to 8 weeks which petty much like 2 months.

On the back of the package comes the instructions for using them, the ingredients on them and some precautions to take before using them.

As I mention at the beginning the strips are double, they come in pair stick together with the wax to separate them you need to warm the trips rubbing it between your hands until the wax is warm enough to split the strip. Each strip can be use 3 to 4 times depending on how much hair you are going to remove.

My experience: It’s the first time I use them and to be honest I though they weren’t going to work as well.

It is a little hard to make them warm because they get cold really fast, and if they are not warm enough when you try to split or separate them, the can break or one of the strips end up without the wax.

I am use to wax to I have to admit the very first day I used this one it hurt a lot more that when I use the sugar wax, but of course the pain is just temporarily.

Although it doesn’t really last 8 weeks as t promises, mine lasted at least 3 weeks for the hair to start to grow again. 

They work really well, I didn’t quite like the fact that after waxing I got residues of the wax on the skin, even if it says that can be remove with baby oil or any other oil honestly it wasn’t easy to remove so I want fan of that.

Besides that, the results were really good, left my skin soft, removed all the hairs and never got any irritation of any kind. Another thing I liked was that I found a facial package that came with 2 different size strips and they were perfect for the armpits.

I will definitely buy them again, they are easy to use  plus no mess which is perfect for me, removes all the hair at once and doesn’t irritates the skin.

I still prefer the sugaring method but this was ready strips are a really good alternative for when you don’t have a lot of time.

Have you ever try this wax?

Please share your experience with them on the comments and also let me know what is your favourite epilating method. Hope you enjoy the post.


  1. I have used these and I LOVE how easy they are to use, but my skin is very sensitive and waxing with anything always breaks me out!!

  2. I haven't tried any wax before but I'll surely check this out the next time I shop. Great post!

    1. You should try them, they are so easy go use

  3. I haven't tried waxed before but I like the idea of this. xx

  4. I don't feel safe trying wax at home and is even painful done by a pro but the end product is worth it

    1. Imfelt the same way when i start using wax, this ones are really safe to use, or try the sugaring method cant go wrong with that one

  5. I have never tried any type of hair removal wax. I had always used a plain razor up until just these last few years. I have now been using an electronic epliator. It takes few times to get used however it is worth it.

    1. I have always wanted to try an electronic epilator. I heard its really worth it


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