5 tips to look great in a bikini


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5 tips to look great in a bikini

It’s July and finally summer vacations! And most likely we are all going to take advantage off the weather and head straight to the beach for a perfect tan and to show off our new bikini that we just bought for this occasion.

But if you didn’t thought this thru and now you feel I little shy about wearing a bikini in public because, you feel like you don’t have that ¨bikini body¨ or suddenly think you didn’t work out enough to look good on it. 

Don’t worry because today I got for you:

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5 tips to look great in a bikini without trying to hard.

1.- straighten your posture: keeping a straight posture will help prevent the abdomen to grow  and make it look like you have a belly or that famous muffin top.  So walk with your back straight which not only will make you look skinny but also taller.  Easy right!

2.- swollen and eliminate toxins:  Most of the time we have a swollen abdomen that makes us looks  that we have a little belly it can happen because of a bad diet or lack of exercise. To prevent that to happen we should include in our diet more food rich in fiber like oatmeal, spinach, broccoli and papaya. 

Remember drinking water will help to eliminate all the toxins in the body. 

3. - Burn abdomen fat: Try to work out at least 2 times a week, do exercises that will help you burn  the fat specially in the abdomen area like running and crunches and sit ups. 
Remember those last two works better if you combine them with a cardio activity and a healthy diet.  

 Try to include avocado and celery in your diet because they help to burn fat. 

4. - Exfoliate your skin:  Exfoliating the skin helps to remove all the death cells and skin making it look radiant, younger looking and soft. You can make  your own  sugar scrub with brown sugar and some olive or coconut oil or honey.

5. - Choose the bikini that best suits your body:  This may be a little harder for some of us because not all know what type of body we have. 
But an easy way to do this is just to make the best of our attributes for example:  if you have a small breast   choose a bikini with a top part with some lace or big fun patterns to bring more attention to it and if you have big hips try to choose a bikini bottom more simple and in darker or neutral color.  

Remember that the most important thing to do to look great in a bikini or any clothes is:

To be confident and feel good about ourselves and body, you don’t need to look like any model or actress or starve yourself to be skinny; there is no bikini body or perfect body. We all are beautiful in our own way; you just need to embrace that.

I hope you like these tips and they can be helpful for you all and as always I invite you to share with me any other tips that you know in the comments below.


  1. Hola! Los tips estan geniales!
    Me gusto la entrada y leerte de nuevo :D
    Me harias muy feliz si pudieses pasarte por mi ultima entrada:
    ¿Como trabajar en nuestras vibraciones?
    Saludos! <3

    1. Hola! Que gusto que sean de tu agrado. Gracias por pasar y dejar un comentario. Saludos

  2. All good tips but I'll never look good in a bikini again! Have a great day!

  3. good and healthy tips! Thank you. I have a personal suggestion to look great with a bikini: put a bikini on and be free ;-).

  4. I agree exfoliating the skin helps but I need to run to the store and get oatmeal, spinach, broccoli and papaya I will never thought of it to help to keep a flat belly.Thanks hun I should be bikini ready in no time.

  5. Los tips son muy buenos!!! aunque no saldré de casa nunca está de más



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