How to whiten dark under arms


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How to whiten Dark under arms ?

Hello everyone. In today’s post  I’ll talk about those awful black stains in the armpits and some advices to help you prevent them or eliminate them.

Lets start with why the armpist get this black stain. 

Usually we girls are the ones who suffer from this problem, and it is due to different factors like: irritation, deodorant, and shaving, accumulation of death cells or dead skin, sweat, hormone disorder. Just to say a few.

You may be asking yourself how all this can cause black stains, and how I am going to avoid it if is part of my daily routine, well let me explain it to you.

The skin under the arms is very sensitive and delicate than the rest of our body, the sweet makes the skin more vulnerable to irritate. 
When we shave the area it’s easier to irritate the skin, with bumps and ingrowth hair grow, but because shaving cuts the hair instead of removing it  makes it look dark, but if you wax it instead leaves skin softer and helps remove death skin.

The skin on the armpits it’s in constant friction all the time, so it’s important to take good care of it, by choosing the right deodorant that contains the fewer chemicals, so it won’t irritate the skin and also that won’t leave pieces of deodorant stock in your skin like stick deodorants roll on are much better.

 It’s important to have in mind that dark skin is more prone to get dark marks than lighter skin.

Then  What do i have to do to avoid getting dark armpits?

Epilate the área with wax or depilatory cream. 

Use deodorants that helps remove the stains specially roll- on ones.

Exfoliates with sugar, will help remove death cells to avoid the stain.

Use sunscreen if you are going to expose yourself to sunlight or use sleeveless blouses.

All this tips are good but there are to prevent the stain.

What if I already have dark armpits?

One home remedy a good one I know is to use a little lemon on the armpits at night and leave it there for no more than 15 minutes, rinse with water. It’s important to do it at night because if you do it during day light and you go out you’ll get a darker stain than before, and you don’t want that.

Another remedy is to exfoliate with sugar and a little of coconut oil no remove death skin and death cells and the oil will moisturize the skin and leave it soft.

Wax your armpit.

These are just some tips that I found useful, specially waxing and using a special deodorant  I have seen changes on my own .
If you have more tips on how to prevent dark armpits please don’t forget to share it with me on the comments below!!

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  1. Great article, these tips can help a lot of girls :)
    Excelente artículo, estos consejos pueden ayudar a un montón de chicas :)


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