Amazing benefits of Arnica you didn´t know


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Hey there! t I hope you are well, this week's post will be really short, but I wanted to share with you.

For quite a while I have been using a ointment with arnica. I am very sensitive and the with the slightest touch i get bruises and talking with some students I realized that many people do not know this product and I thought why not share it here. Although is not a beauty product, but it is always useful to know about products that might be helpful.

 So here I share a little about the uses or benefits of arnica.

Arnica is a tiny yellow flower that is within the category of medicinal plants and usually you can get it in health food stores as ointment.

It is a plant that characterizes much to alleviate pain or muscle injuries because it has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory analgesic and stimulating blood circulation in the area applied.

But it also has other uses, which can be very useful; although it is not a beauty product never hurts to have a small boat and arnica ointment on hand, we never know when it might be useful.

 These are some of its uses:

 Prevents and / or eliminates bruising and reduces pain

     Unswollen blisters that are not open

     Relieves muscle aches from sprains or dislocations

     Prevents stretch marks in pregnancy

     Help ease the discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis

     As infusion can do gargles to remove bacteria from the throat and to cure canker sores or blisters

     As infusion can be applied on pimples or zits to help dry faster.

     As oil can be used on the scalp reactivating circulation and helps prevent excessive hair loss

     Has homeopathic use (ingested) which helps prevent travel sickness Boat.

I hope this information was helpful to you. If you know any other use of arnica or already have used before do not forget to share in the comments!


  1. Que interesante, desconocía totalmente lo maravillosos usos de esta flor. Saludos desde la comunidad Blogger.

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