Whats acne and how to fight it


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Whats acne and how to fight it

Hey there! in todays post i will talk  about an issue with which many are very familiar and have ever suffered or continue to suffer this  annoying and horrible a problem .......    acne !!!

We all know what acne is, right?.  An inflammatory skin condition in which the glands produce more sebum  than usual , is very common to appear on the face, chest, back and there are people who evenhave them  in arms and legs.

This condition is very common  when we are teenagers due to hormonal changes that we suffer, but some of us  (because I include myself)  who are no longer teenagers we still suffer from this horrible problem and the truth is that it becomes very annoying.

As women is very common that we have some bumps when we are in our period, this is due to changes in hormone levels; so if you are the type who only has one or two pimples  per month  you are very lucky! And you have nothing to worry about.

There are several types of  acne, this will depend on the amount and size of the pimples you have, as I am not a dermatologist or expert on the subject i will not go into this. But I can give examples to give you an idea:

If you have acne on the face, but these are very small and do not appear often it is more likely to be mild.

If your pimples appear in most of your body they are very large and painful, and it seems that anything you try is not working, then you  most likely have a severe acne problem but to be sure it is best to consult a dermatologist.

  Treating acne is not as difficult as it sounds, of course will depend on how serious the problem is, some of the solutions that you can use at home that may help are:

  •  There are specialized products for this problem as soaps, facial lotions that contain salicylic acid, which is used to treat acne, these products you can find them  at any pharmacy like Loreal, Garnier etc. Will help you combat this problem. 
    •  If You're like me allergic to salicylic acid do not worry about it, you can wash your face with mild soap, preferably in gel.  Gel soaps are better because the bar ones are usually very creamy and can clog pores or leave more oily  and we want to avoid that.
    • Use a facial tonic, this will help to completely eliminate impurities from the face, leaving the pores clean, do not worry if you can´t find one without salicylic acid you can create one at home (I have two previous post where I teach you how to make one with vinegar apple and one with green tea).
    •  Avoid touching your face and squeeze the pimples. I know it is tempting and almost impossible, But doing this will only hurt more your skin and also the bacteria will spread through the rest of your face causing more acne. Besides our hands contain many bacteria, we touch everything with them: money, people, animals, plants etc ...
    •  Avoid all products that contain oil, you want to remove excess oil and grease on your face so no need to add more.
    •  ¡¡¡Use Moisturizer !!! It is very important to use it, when using many acne-fighting products and medicines  (if prescribed by a doctor) irritatesthe skin leaves it dry , you have to help it recover with a good moisturizer that is oil-free and will prevent your skin to  become red and flaky in some cases.
    • Drink lots of water, the key to a clean skin is to be clean inside, water helps to eliminate all toxins from the body.Always remember a good diet!
    • If You want to use  medication like creams or even take pills to help combat it remember always consult a dermatologist first, not everything advertised on television will help, and not all people are equal. Just because it worked for your friend doesn´t mean will work for you too.
    • Avoid having the hair on the face, our hair also causes oil to be healthy and that oil can be passed to the face.

      These are just some tips to fight acne,that  helped me a lot when I had a very severe problem. Now i have them so small and rarely I barely noticed.

      I hope this will be helpful for some of you if you  have more  tips on how to fight acne do not forget to share in the comments!


    1. Uff,hoy vi a una chica que tenía la carita como la segunda foto y povre,porque era muy linda,tengo entendido que es por cuestión de hormonas y que hay médicos que recetan anti babys para regular...pero eso suele requerir traatmientos fuertes y caros,por suerte a mi no me ha pasado así,es decir casi ni me ha salido ni he pasado por esa etapa.

      1. Asi es, por lo general se debe a un problema hormonal y mandan anticonceptivos.

    2. I had my second n read this . He's be gen bing to break out . Thanks!

    3. I never had bad acne but I'd get some pimples here and there . I've realized water helps to clear my skin and using black soap did too. Great post !


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