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There are many different versions on how to convert a shadow or blush (blush) in cream, using home products you usually already have, but still, I wanted to share with you another version in which you do not need Vaseline or wax or lipstick!

This idea is not totally mine , I was looking for different options and i change it to my liking trying to use less possible products.

To turn a shade or blush to cream you need:

• · shadow or blush color of your choice

• · eyeshadow primer or face primer or a paint pot

• · A container

If you do not have a primer  you can use a little concealer, BBcream or your foundation
I am using a paintpot from MAC in the color painterly it has a thicker consistency than a priemer and a shadow from NYX Cosmetics.

It is really  simple , all you have to do is mix in a bowl the eyeshadow with the primer and do not worry if you use concealer or your foundationit will not affect the color of the eyeshadow, the consistency will depend on how much primer yoy add to the eyeshadow or blush.

In my case I add a little bit of concealer just because im using the paint pot and i don´t want it to be as thick an thats it! is ready to use!

It looks nice, is very easy to apply and depending on the color you have used can even serve as a base  to intensify the color of another eyeshadow.

Hope you have liked this idea, I like it a lot because i only use makeup products designed for the skin  therefore it should not have to clog pores or cause any side effects.

I hope i encouraged you to try and if so please comment down below ...


Melyssa Blog belleza y cósmetica said...

Tiene muy buena pinta esta sombrita, besitos

Noir Eloise said...

Suena bien la técnica, la probaré sin duda :o

Besos linda, ya te sigo.

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