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Hello! So in today's post i will show you how i clean my makeup brushes. There are many different methods to clean them and they will vary depending if your brushes are made with natural or synthetic bristles, but this method is the one i use and i have had good results with 

First prepare a mixture of olive oil and liquid soap, any liquid soap will do. The olive oil will help to keep the bristles soft and remove oily makeup as foundation, BBCream, gel eyeliner etc.

When your mixture is ready wet the brush, is important when you do it to be sure the bristles of the brush are looking downwards
This way will avoid the water to touch the handle of the brush, preventing to enter inside the brush and avoiding the bristles to come off, making the life of your brushes longer.

sumerge the bristles of the brush into the mixture, using the makeup brush cleaning tablet start cleaning the brush with very gentle circular motions.

If you don't have a makeup brush cleaning tablet don't worry, use your fingers to gently massage the bristles of the brush, you will see the foam in the color of the makeup you use, continue cleaning until the foam is clear or white.

Now that your brushes are clean it's time for them to get dry. The best way once again is to let them with the bristles looking downwards so the water can drain out of them, i kno 2 ways to do it:

The first one, and this is my favorite is fold a towel make like a little roll with it, put it over another towel, the handle of the brush will lay over the roll and the bristles over the second towel under it.

The second one and i think most people know this method is using hair tie, tied it on a towel tube the one in the bathroom, this way the brush will be hanging upside down.

There are many products on the market that are made for cleaning makeup brushes, you can even use a little bit of alcohol, but is always good to give them a good scrub once in a while to get rid of all the bacteria specially if you have acne like me.

Cleaning brushes is really easy, but if you are just starting your way in to makeup can be a little frustrating not knowing the right way to take care of your makeup tools, i hope this post is helpful to you and if you have a different way to do it please share, i will love to read it.


  1. Muy útil este post, siempre viene bien leer algo asi.
    Un saludo

  2. No sabía lo del aceite de oliva :O Gracias, una vez lo intenté con alcohol y quedaron las cerdas muy duras :/ Lo pondré en práctica :D

  3. El alcohol puede llevara danñarlas, tambien me paso jeje. Espero te sirva al igual que a mi. Saludos

  4. Excelente post!!!
    Me gustó la forma en que poner a secar las brochas, nunca se me habría ocurrido, tomaré el tip :3
    No conocía tu blog, pero procuraré pasar por aquí :)
    Ya te sigo!

    Ojalá puedas pasar en algún momento por mi blog :3 y espero te guste.


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