September 06, 2015

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Most women love and  enjoy  makeup, but not so much  when we have to wash the brushes especially when we accumulate all of them!

To make this much easier and quicker process  I will teach you to make a tablet to clean brushes in a very effective way.

You only need:

• Silicone.
• hot glue gun.
• A CD or DVD that you dont use or a plastic clipboard.

All you have to do is "draw" on your cd or clipboard with hot glue, creating different shapes and textures for your different brushes. For example: I create circles of different sizes for bigger brushes and zigzag lines for smaller brushes.

Doesnt matter the order or how many textures you put, it is up to you. If you want you can search the internet an image of gloves that are made to wash the brushes to use it as a guide to create texture on your tablet.

Just make sure that the texture you draw is not flat it should be like in 3D so they can clean the brush.

I decided to use a CD , because my clipboard is to big  and I dont have that many brushes.   But if you are using a clipboard just make sure that is resistant to water and hot glue.

So quick and easy! Just remember to let it dry well.  I recommend you wait two or three days before use it because if you use it the same day it may come off.

Remember to clean up your brushes so they dont accumulate bacteria!


  1. Hola! que buen DIY en verdad esto es una muy buena idea que facilita la manera de limpiar las brochas!
    Tienes un lindo y excelente blog!
    Fue un placer pasar por aquí, estare mucho mas pendiente de tus entradas y realmente me haría mucha ilusión y seria un honor para mi que te pasaras por mi blog y participaras en el.
    Besos preciosa.

    1. Hola! me alegra mucho que te gustara este DIY, con gusto pasare por tu blog.


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